New Google Nexus 7 LTE to be launched in Japan on September 30

Google announced its new Nexus 7 tablet on July 24, saying that only the Wi-Fi model would be available for the beginning, with the LTE version expected to be launched in the “coming weeks.” It’s been a month since then, and the Nexus 7 LTE has not been released. What’s more, Google hasn’t provided any updates on when the LTE tablet may arrive. Luckily, we have some info to share on this.
ZOA, a well-known Japanese retailer, has revealed on… Read more

Pink Samsung Galaxy Note III to join the black and white versions

Since the old Samsung Galaxy Note II has a total of six color versions (grey, marble white, brown, blue, pink, and ruby wine), it should not come as a surprise if the new Note III will be released in more than just two hues. Sam Mobile has it from “an insider” that the Note III will be available in black and white first, with a pink version arriving later.
The black and white Galaxy Note III models should start shipping… Read more

HTC One Max, One Mini and original One appear in family photo

If you haven’t heard about HTC’s One Max until now, you’re probably not into phablets. Or HTC. Or Android. That does not matter anyway, because the One Max is real. And it’s coming soon.
HTC has yet to officialize the One Max, but this will probably happen next month, in September. In the meantime, to keep our curiosity piqued, ePrice Taiwan has posted a photo that shows the back of the One Max, next to be backs of the original… Read more

Samsung GT-i9506 (possible Snapdragon 800 version of the Galaxy S4) clears the FCC

The Samsung GT-i9506 is believed to be an international version of the Galaxy S4 with LTE-Advanced connectivity. Like the S4 LTE-A that was exclusively launched in South Korea in July, the GT-i9506 seems to have a Snapdragon 800 chipset inside.
The existence of the GT-i9506 is now confirmed by the FCC. The Commission’s documents show that this is indeed an S4 variant, but can’t clarify if there’s any LTE-A flavor in it. The only LTE band mentioned by the FCC… Read more

Vodafone Smart III runs Android Jelly Bean, will be launched soon

Vodafone is the world’s second largest mobile operator (by total subscribers), this allowing it to continuously introduce own-branded smartphones in many countries across the globe. One of its newest handsets is the Vodafone Smart III. It has not been announced yet, but we have a press photo of it, alongside some features. The Smart III is made by TCT Mobile Limited, which manufactures Alcatel OneTouch smartphones, among others. It’s going to be the first Vodafone-branded smartphone to run Android Jelly… Read more

HTC One brand revived with the HTC M7?

When HTC announced its Droid DNA / Butterfly Android smartphone, we thought the company was done with the “One” name, at least when it comes to high-end products. The One X — launched as the series’ flagship back in May 2012 — didn’t become the successful device it was meant to be, allowing Samsung to sell its Galaxy S III — released at the same time — in tens of millions of units. In November 2012, HTC introduced an upgraded… Read more

White HTC Butterfly available in the UK. Red version incoming

If you were looking for the HTC Butterfly in the UK, and didn’t find it, it’s because the smartphone is exclusively available there from just one retailer: Mobicity. At the moment, Mobicity is stocking only the white version of the Butterfly, asking £659.99 for it. No, this isn’t a typo — the retailer is really asking that much money for the handset. £659.99 means about 770 Euros, or $1,045, and it’s certainly one of the highest prices ever asked for… Read more

Red Samsung Galaxy S III Mini launching in February

Samsung‘s Galaxy S III Mini can be bought only in white and/or blue at this very moment. But more color versions are going to be released soon: black, red, and grey. We’ve got our hands on a photo that shows the handset in red — garnet red, to be exact. The big Galaxy S III is already available in this color.
The red Galaxy S III Mini will be launched in Taiwan first, starting February. It looks like it’s going to… Read more