Concept: Chuck Norris Android phone

Part of our series of posts presenting imaginary Android phones.
It should not be taken seriously.
Ever wanted a Chuck Norris phone? We do, sometimes. So we thought about it, and here’s what we came up with.
First of all, the handset runs a very special edition of Android, developed by Google in collaboration with Chuck himself. Google doesn’t want to give this OS a certain number version, so it just calls it Android Ultimate. One of the main features… Read more

Android Rage Comics, episode 2 – AT&T, Lumia 900, Windows Phone, Nicki Minaj


So AT&T, Microsoft, and Nokia are getting ready for a big launch: the Lumia 900, which runs Windows Phone 7.5. To attract people, they’ve organized a live concert in Times Square. But instead of bringing someone who actually makes music, they’ve brought Nicki Minaj, who, to us is just a:
We’re terribly sorry, but this just makes us think Nokia and AT&T believe Windows Phone is for… not-that-intelligent people. Just sayin’.… Read more

Android Rage Comics, episode 1 – what to do with a new iPhone

This is part of our Rage Comics-inspired series of posts, simply called Android Rage Comics. Episode one deals withe the dilemma you may have when receiving a new iPhone. Enjoy!… Read more