LG Optimus G has a burgundy version

Until now, LG has showcased its Optimus G smartphone in three color versions: black, white, and red. The red one is an NTT DoCoMo exclusive in Japan, where the handset is called LG L-01E (see it here), so it can’t be purchased in other countries. But we have been able to spot a fourth color version of the device — burgundy — which could make it to more markets. The burgundy Optimus G has appeared on advertising materials in South Korea. It hasn’t been officially announced, but you can see it in the snapshot below.

LG Optimus G burgundy wine AG


Meanwhile, LG has confirmed its CES 2013 presence with a trailer video that briefly shows the curves of a smartphone, among other products:

We can’t really tell if that’s a new handset, or just the current Optimus G. It could be the Optimus G2, which reportedly features a huge 5.5 inch Full HD screen, Android Jelly Bean,and a next-generation quad-core processor from Qualcomm. If that’s the case, the burgundy Optimus G will not matter much, as everyone is going to focus on the new model.

The Optimus G is still running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but we should hope it won’t be long until LG rolls-out an update to Jelly Bean for it.

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