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Samsung SGH-T999L. Is this T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III with LTE?

T-Mobile is the only major carrier in the US that doesn’t have an LTE network. Sure enough, it does offer 4G services, but they’re limited to HSPA+ 42Mbps. All this will change next year, when T-Mobile is going to launch LTE, obviously helped (financially) by its parent company, Deutsche Telekom. T-Mobile’s official goal is to roll-out its LTE network and cover roughly 100 million people by mid-2013. Thus, it could introduce quite a few LTE smartphones and tablets in the… Read more

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III available now ($189 at Amazon). Verizon will launch it on July 10

Yesterday, July 6, AT&T has finally started selling the Samsung Galaxy S III, both online, and in brick-and-mortar stores. AT&T is the only major US operator to offer just the 16GB version of the S III. It’s asking $199.99 for it on contract, or $549.99 without commitment. The handset comes in white and blue now, but a red edition (exclusive to AT&T) will arrive sometime later. Until then, If you want to save 10 bucks, you can go over at Amazon… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-i535 for Verizon benchmarked

It’s not the first time we’re hearing the Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be released by Verizon Wireless. And it makes a whole lot of sense for it to be offered by VZW, since it’s one of this year’s best Android smartphones. Naturally, Verizon will have its own customized version of the S III. Rumors have it that this version goes by the model number SGH-i535. Since the i535 has been benchmarked over at NenaMark just recently, we now know… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III finally announced. No major surprises

We’ve heard so many things about Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 / S III smartphone in the last few months. And now, when it’s been officially announced, the handset seems rather devoid of surprises. Most of the important features that were rumored to be included in the new Galaxy are here: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, TouchWiz, 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD display, quad-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.4 GHz, NFC, 8 Megapixel rear camera, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB /… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Ultimate Screen Guard revealed, provides important clues

Thanks to a thin but tough piece of material, we now know that Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 (or S III) smartphone has to feature a display of at least 4.7 inches. The material we’re talking about is an Ultimate Screen Guard for the S3, which has somehow reached the hands of folks representing  The screen guard includes a cutout for the new phone’s physical home button, and strongly suggest that the handset looks like what we’ve seen yesterday. For the sake of… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 could have a 4.8 inch display. Galaxy GT-9800 to be announced on May 3 as well

Most of the sources who’ve unveiled details about Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 / GT-i9300T reported that the smartphone would feature a 4.65 inch display, just like the Galaxy Nexus. But, of course, things might be different. And KnowYourMobile actually claims they are different. The website received a photo which allegedly shows the S3 measuring ~130 mm, and sporting a 4.8 inch display:

Meanwhile, SamMobile published another image that seemingly depicts the new Galaxy wrapped in some sort of protective… Read more

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming to Verizon?

Seeing how Verizon does not offer any version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, although all three other major US carriers do, customers may be worried that it’s not going to have the new Galaxy S3, either. But it looks like it will. At least according to BGR, which claims to have “exclusively learned details” about Verizon’s future high-end Android smartphones. Long story short, it’s said that the Galaxy S3 will definitely be on Verizon, and it could be introduced… Read more